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Romael Pervez Noor


Programmed Dated: 06 April 2014. Hosted by Romael Noor and co-hosted by Younis Gill.

Mother\'s Day 2014 programme hosted by Younis Gill and co-hosted by Romael Noor. Guest: Pastor Asif Gill

Mubashar Dilawar


Episode 192 aired on 02 February 2014. Topic: Trusting God.

Episode 191 aired on 26 January 2014. Topic: Fellowship.

Episode 190 aired on 19 January 2014. Addressing positive changes that should be considered in this new year.

Episode 189 aired on 12 January 2014.

Romael Pervez Noor


Episode 188 - 1st programe of year 2014 hosted by Romael Pervez Noor.

Episode 186 aired on 22 December 2013.

Khuda Ki Awaz programme of 2nd advent 2013.

Episode of 182 of weekly Gospel show, Khuda Ki Awaz. Discussed \"Repeated Repentance\" in this episode.

Episode 179 of Khuda Ki Awaz Gospel programme. Topic: Sin (Gunnah). Guest: Mrs Margret. Hosted by Younis Gill.

Mubashar Dilawar


Mubashar Dilawar


Romael Pervez Noor


Episode 178 of Khuda Ki Awaz Gospel programme.\r\nTopic: Ilam-ul-Akhrat by preached by: Rev. Noble Samuel from London. Hosted by Romael and co-hosted by Younis.